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Tomione/Volmione AU Prompt: The Hunger Games


…in which Hermione is a tribute, and Tom is her mentor. Or, perhaps, more fittingly, Tom becomes the President of Panem himself. Harry Potter becomes ‘the Mockingjay’, whilst Ron Weasley is the equivalent of Gale.

Imagine Harry and Hermione both being tributes from the same district, and Tom…

someone do this please!

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Fan interpretations of SD characters


Hisashi Mitsui

He has a very delicate character. He hangs in a very fine and sensitive balance that can tip either way to the least of stimuli, be it an incident or another person. His foray into hooliganism, repeated loss and sudden surges of confidence are all part of the seesawing of this…

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Mitchie tricks the boys!


Mitchie tricks the boys!

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pokkislime: 《truth》bookmarks

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i feel that this is necessary?? because guys, slam dunk

also i’d rather do other things than write my dissertation

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Favorite Roles of Favorite Seiyuus - #7 Okiayu Ryotaro

Tezuka Kunimitsu - Prince of Tennis // Mitsui Hisashi - Slam Dunk // Kuchiki Byakuya - Bleach // Charles “Cherry” Chrishunds - Vassalord // Reever Wenhamm - D. Gray Man // Asahina Kaoru - Sekaiichi Hatsukoi/Junjou Romantica // Shinomiya Koji - Gakuen Heaven // Claude “K” Winchester - Gravitation

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スラムダンク「三井寿」フィギュアは11月発売みたい : figure news
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so i found this… asdfghjkl… he is my favourite character in slam dunk… so dreamy… ugh… but so expensive… #crey i can’t even…
ok.. i’ll just cry in the corner :(

so i found this… asdfghjkl… he is my favourite character in slam dunk… so dreamy… ugh… but so expensive… #crey i can’t even…

ok.. i’ll just cry in the corner :(


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This is how much I suck at job interviews (happened few years back still a noob)
Interviewer: How do you see yourself five years from now?
Me: I already have my doctor’s degree
this also happened back then

Interviewer: So why do you want to work in a bpo company?
Me: Because I want to learn how the bpo company works and how it contributes to the growth of the Philippine economy, seeing that the bpo industry contributes a lot to the said growth.

I still suck at job interviews.. either I give a stupid answer or a super intelligent one that they will become intimidated. XD

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Well, I was GOING to go to bed…

Is this what heaven looks like

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