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Ørnesvignen viewpoint.
By: 3RW Arkikter

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found two kitties cuddling by the sea

this is more romantic than anything i’ve ever done in my life

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Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince


Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince

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Excerpt from part three of Lemon Juice


He unnerves her.

He can see it in the tense set of her shoulders and the rigid line of her jaw, can feel the hesitant pulse of his Mark as it strains towards hers, waning and weary—she keeps her wand in her front pocket, always within reach,…

omg… I can’t wait for this!! (*o*)

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looking for a fic

I read a fic some time ago and I forgot the title. Tom and Hermione were meeting in the room of requirement Hermione from the present and Tom from the past. And Hermione gave Tom a magical diary where they can both communicate with each other.

Anyone know what the title is?

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"Thank you, you’ve been great."

give em the ol razzle dazzle



"Thank you, you’ve been great."

give em the ol razzle dazzle

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// Architecture + Interior design

Maja House by Deko

Photos courtesy of Deko


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this is my poor attempt at an AU tomione one-shot I wrote eons back.. it’s not even finished.

“So, Granger, what are you wearing for the Halloween party? Granny clothes like what you wore back in first year?”

“Shut it Riddle, I….”

“It’s Tom” Tom cut her before she could even finish her sentence.

“Fine! Tom. For your information, those were not granny clothes! And I’m not going to that stupid party sponsored by those spoiled brats from your dorm.”

“Boring, as usual. Maybe that’s why your ex boyfriend from Durmstrang, what was his name again?” before Hermione could open her mouth Tom cut her again. “Viktor Krum was it? Broke up with you… you’re too boring, bet he didn’t even reach first base.” Tom grinned deviously.

Hermione glared at him and walked away, she couldn’t even say a word or smack him with a book. His words were like cold water poured on her, ‘too boring’, played in her mind endlessly.

          Days passed, Tom had been continuously reminding Hermione of the embarrassing outfit she wore back in first year. It was virtually impossible to escape Tom, since they were almost in the same classes.

“Still not coming, to the party granny Hermione? Tsk, a pity…I don’t have a date yet, you know, and I want to show you my snake.”

Hermione smacked him with the book she borrowed from the library, “YOU PERVERT!”

“Such a dirty mind for a granny, and feisty too… I was talking about my pet snake, Nagini, a Python.” Tom licked his lips as he watched Hermione’s disgusted expression and she quickly packed her things fled the classroom; that was the nth time Tom had been annoying her, since Autumn has begun. It’s the same every year he reminds her of her “granny outfit” she wore back in first year, not that it was a granny costume, but she was supposed to go as a ghost bride out for revenge.

          “The nerve of that guy!” Hermione yelled as she arrived at the cafeteria slamming her books on the table. Ginny looked at her and let out a giggle “its Riddle again, isn’t it?”

“Who else? He’s been teasing me again about what I wore back in first year, three days ago he called me boring and said that it was the reason why Viktor broke up with me and now he said that I have a dirty mind! That pervert!”

“So why don’t you go with him to the party? I heard he still doesn’t have a date and rumour has it… he wants to go with you”. Ginny grinned as Hermione became more annoyed. “What? I’m not going out with that git!” 

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Just thinking out loud. How would Tom react on teen pregnancy especially if his teen daughter is involved? Especially if he dislikes the arrogant Gryffindor his daughter is dating?


Oh, man.


Like Viola comes home for christmas and has terrible morning sickness and is super nervous and hermione is all concerned and just says “you look pale” and tom immediately jumps to conclusions and is like “ITS THAT LUPIN BOY ISN’T IT WHAT DID HE TO YOU GODDAMN IT I TOLD YOU GRYFFINDORS CANT BE TRUSTED IT’S EVEN WORSE THAT HE’S HEAD BOY” because what is logic when his daughter is fraternizing with rambunctious quidditch-playing scum am i right

but viola just bursts into tears because disappointing her brilliant parents in such a profound way was just not how she wanted to finish her seventh year at hogwarts and how was she supposed to know that muggle birth control didn’t react well to firewhiskey like someone really needed to capitalize on the lack of scientific research being done about these kinds of things

but anyway

then sebastian (who’s home from cambridge and just so happens to be dating the brother of one of viola’s roommates and therefore knows exactly what is going on because he was a fucking slytherin okay he has a whole fucking network of spies watching out for his baby sister) is just like “maybe we shouldnt have this conversation in the middle of the train station”

and hermione is immediately suspicious and is like “what conversation”


and then viola’s boyfriend (who is obviously remus and sirius’s adopted son because they have settled down into domestic bliss) comes running towards them

and hes just like “DID YOU TELL THEM YET?”

and tom glares

and viola cries harder and flings herself at baby lupin

and tom glares even more

AND THEN VIOLA GETS HER SHIT TOGETHER AND IS JUST LIKE “I’M PREGNANT” AND ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE FOR A LITTLE WHILE BUT THEN HERMIONE KINDLY REMINDS TOM THAT HE GOT HER PREGNANT AT THE SAME AGE and at least baby lupin didn’t do it on purpose to trap viola in 1944 because that would be crazy right like that is the behavior of a crazy person ISN’T IT TOM

someone should ask me about tom’s reaction to the first ultrasound because this hypothetical situation is like a whole thing in my head and i’ve already named tom’s grandchildren so

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